Wind energy in the occupied areas in israel – vpro Metropolis

For most of us, turning on the light is a habit Many Palestinians do not have access to the Israeli power grid

We will see how nature can supply them with electricity Yoav Shamir for Metropolis Electricity is a good thing for us It allows us to read at night and do our homework It's new to us

Before, we only had this lamp It had to be filled with oil – The oil is here It produces only a dim light, nothing to do with the electric light Now, we have this one

The south of Hebron, in the West Bank, is a region occupied by colonies of extremists, soldiers and Palestinians Elad and Noam, Israeli researchers, campaign for peace

and help the Palestinians It's not because of a technical problem if they do not have electricity, it's because of politics The Israeli government is clearly trying to scare them away to urban areas to recover their land For this, they refuse them certain essential needs like water and electricity

You can see a colony with red roofs 300 meters away where they have electricity, water and green lawns at will You can see the power lines just 200 meters from here

The government could provide them with electricity if it wanted to But he decided not to do it for political reasons I can not get up every morning having the impression of participating in the conflict My contribution has a small impact, I build a bridge between the two camps I build a bridge, brick by brick above hatred, violence and fear I left the high-tech industry five years ago I was fascinated by the potential of the wind I started to create kinetic sculptures and thought: Why not use the wind to make electricity? I studied the subject to be able to build a wind turbine They designed the electricity supply system themselves

Here is a blade of wood that serves us for the wind turbine We size them ourselves The materials to make a wind turbine cost about 500 euros If you bought it directly in the store, it would cost around 7,500 euros Their wind turbines are installed in Palestinian villages

We visit a family whose father is diabetic Hag Ismaiil is diabetic We installed a system to connect a small fridge They can keep insulin there He had to live with relatives away from home to keep it cool

He could die without insulin It's for Hag Ismaiil, for his diabetes This is only to keep insulin There are two sockets: a normal plug and one to use here Thank you

He will finally be able to go home It's been five months since he left and he will finally be able to return What is the advantage of electricity? – We can see at night Children can do their homework But there are complications

The family is happy to have electricity but they are upset that the system is not compatible with television We will collect money

Make us a compatible system with TV It's not the TV the problem is the difference in voltage This is annoying because the neighbors have a compatible system with TV It's not fair that they can have TV and not us It is not fair

– I understand I understand that they complain They are used to having electricity and want more They want to have TV and radio The system of their neighbors is connected to a television set

and Noam and Elad are welcomed as heroes How are you ? We have TV now It changed our life

We were in the dark with only a kerosene lamp It was not a pleasant lifestyle We made go Thanks to the wind turbine, we like the wind even more than before Electricity allows us to enjoy life

We even have a refrigerator Here is our fridge You can store water, milk, cheese All we want! Although the fridge is empty, its presence is a sign their belonging to the modern world around them Electricity is a bridge to the new world The wind is a good thing The more wind, the more electricity

Do they understand how it works? They understand a little more each day But they do not understand the laws of physics behind all that Neither do I The theme of this episode of Metropolis is ecology Are they aware of using green energy? Do you know what clean energy is? What kind of energy? Here we have 26 families producing a carbon emission

equivalent to that of a single family in North America or Europe They do not think about the ecological aspect Their daily life is too difficult for them to think about ecology

The Kyoto protocol is light years from here The Copenhagen summit is another planet for them They just want to get through their day and feed their families Is the ecological question a privilege of the West? The ecological solution is the one that works best for them But not because a guy in town thinks about a clean environment

We would like to help about 500 additional families in this region When we turn on the light at home, we do not think twice

But here, in the dark, the simplest things like warming a bottle, are complicated Children can not do their homework

While a few meters away, there is a world of technology We have already equipped 25 families But thousands of people need our help There is work And you can help them: www

comet-meorg All our work is voluntary and made possible through donations It is the donations that make this project possible As the sun goes down Hassan faces a challenge brought by technology: how to keep your children away from TV to enjoy the sunset? The TV is beautiful, but the sunset too Which is the most beautiful? Sunset !

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