Solar Panels, Backyard Makeover and Home Loan Help

Today on Designing Spaces were in California with a family as they make good use of the abundant sunlight Then the hunt for a perfect neighborhood, a young couples new home search

Later how filtered water makes better tasting lemonade plus a backyard transformation All that and more on Designing Spaces, and it all starts right now [Music] Hi, we're the Douglas family, and we're Solar Powered [music] My name is Kami, this is my 12 year old son Brants, 21 year old daughter Hailey and 15 year old daughter Kirsten

This is us, we are really excited that we have solar it's been a great change in our lives When I first moved to California our first power bill was $600 and that was really shocking to us, that's when we first said you know we really need to look into getting solar We've done a lot of research on different places, different companies we wanted to use– our neighbor had actually used the same installer that we ended up going with highly recommended him had great things to say so we went ahead and used them We're so happy that the Douglas' are enjoying their solar panels JinkoSolar has been the world's largest selling solar panel since 2016 we're publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and have certified the highest performing panels in the world

That's really led us to have reliability and trust from our customers There's many different factors of what makes a perfect solar house in the Douglases case they have a huge roof that is exposed to sun throughout the majority of the day they also are constantly doing stuff with their huge families so their electricity bill is pretty large There's always like constantly loads of laundry being done, softball gets your clothes really really dirty Laundry is a great thing to have solar panels for because it's always constant On the house behind us we have mono perc modules these are the 60 cell designed for residential capacity

The mono perc is a special panel that is going to increase your efficiency so you can only put a few panels on the roof and you're still going to get a lot more energy coming from the panel's themselves It's been great our bills went down down down one of our first bills we got was $3000 and this last month we didn't pay any that was that was exciting It's actually gotten a lot easier for homeowners to go solar, the different financing options, as well as the lower cost of goods, your payback period is a lot quicker than it used to be Even after our loan we're still money ahead so it's been fun to figure out ways to use that money

The Douglas’ have only lived here for a few months but they've already seen a return on investment from their Jinko solar panels Our solar is paying for itself [Music] Jinko has incorporated du Pont's premium product line in order to protect our modules for the 25 year warranty They actually invented nylon and Kevlar so you know they're good with durable and reliable products Our panels are the only panels that are field proven to deliver long term performance and lasting value One of the things we worried about when we were talking about during solar is we've heard of the solar panels malfunctioning– we thought you know what with the money that would like to save we wanted to go ahead so we went for it we've never had a single problem and also knowing that Jinko has a 25-year warranty we didn't feel like we had anything to worry about

Jinko is partnered with Maxim integrated in order to solve the shading issue as well as any issue with a complex roof or even a small room The chip itself as you can see is the size of a dime and comes embedded in our panels with that it means that you can install the panels like any other normal panel without any special training and you get all the optimization, all the benefits without having any knowledge of it Everything in the Douglases house is being powered by solar; from their video games, the microwave, the TV for family night, even the hot tub under these cool California nights guys– everything is being run on solar for future homeowners that are wondering if their house is going to be right for solar or not, Jinko has advanced technology where we're able to produce a lot of power on their roof from both cold climates, warm climates, shady small roofs or even complex roots we're able to get the most bang for their buck out of the panel's Now that the Douglas's are solar-powered they're able to take all that savings and spend on even more activities with each other With the money that we're saving we want to put back into the house and do some upgrades

We've saved enough money we were able to put in a new pool pump and start on the bathrooms and putting that money back into our home to make it the way that we love it When you get Jinko solar on your roof you're gonna get trusted technology with reliable products all backed by an industry leading company and its partners [Music] [music] Cheers! Wait! Let's take a selfie Steve and Brittany are always on the go– Perfect! You know we have an active lifestyle you know we like to go on bike rides you know and do yoga So we're actually living in an apartment downtown and it's, it's a nice area it's a nice place and we have our little dog, Scooby and so he's a pretty active little guy so yeah we're looking for something maybe a little a little more spacious

Tired of spending their money on rent, they've added house hunting to their weekend routine We've been doing a lot of online research and you know we drive around a lot to different neighborhoods you know trying to see like you know if it's gonna be where, where we can eat, where we can go you know have fun Yeah I think we definitely look at the area first and kind of see if there's things around you know if you're owning something it's yours and it's gonna be something long-term so you want to make sure that the location is right Our friend, she just got a place– she definitely inspired us to take that next step I knew that she went through US Bank to get her loan and that was super important for us to actually have a referral and for me going out on our own for the first time we really wanted somebody who had a positive experience [Music] Once they visited the US Bank loan portal they were assigned Lenny, their dedicated home loan officer So the process is very simple with the US bank

I sent a link to Britney and Steve it was as simple as one two three, they were able to log into the system, pull up the link and then follow the prompts The best thing about this, is it gives you the freedom and the flexibility to give us the documents that we may need at any time We didn't really know what we could afford so the US bank loan portal really helped us out with that Yeah we were able to fill out the application and within a day we were able to know what our range was It was really exciting because just like that we felt like we were on our way

This is where the information that was sent to us earlier really comes into play, because we now can take that information and that documentation that was already uploaded and get it over to our underwriting team and then get the approval process going After looking around online a little bit we decide to get a realtor and they were super excited that we were working with US bank because it just moved things along a lot faster Yeah you know we went to a few open houses and you know we found the one The one– it's perfect I'm so excited! [Music] They were moving from an apartment into their first home and that not only helps them but it also helps the realtor

Hey Lenny, it's Britney Britney, hi! We've been looking around in a couple different houses and we found the one Yay! We're so excited and we can't wait to move forward and put in an offer Perfect! The beauty of the US bank loan portal is that you can upload the information on your cell phone, on your laptop, it doesn't matter– whatever is accessible to you, is accessible for us, but from time to time there may be a pending question or something that you just need an answer to and then that's when they'll just pick up the phone and call me The bottom line is that I make myself available to their needs based on their schedule

The home loan process shouldn't be about me or about my schedule, it's about the customer We really loved it because it was very overwhelming at first but because of US Bank we feel really confident that we found the house of our dreams and we are confident in the loan that we got For more information go to us bank forward slash mortgage or designing spaces dot TV

Later when was the last time you changed your water filter? [music] We all want what's best for our family, clean air and water should be at the top of that list, but if you're not changing your air and water filters regularly, you could be making your loved one sick Luckily Jen's delivery from discount filters dot com arrived just in time which makes it even easier to keep her family healthy So we’re at my house today and my daughter Erin and her two friends wanted to raise money for college so they decided to set up a lemonade stand and they had pink and regular lemonade but after they made the first batch something just didn't taste right, so they brought it in and they asked me and I tasted it and they were right Yeah that doesn't taste right Yeah

You know what let me try and change the filter and then I'll bring you guys the new one So yesterday I received my filters from discount filters dot com and I decided you know what let's go ahead change the water filter and see if we can taste a difference Filters are the key to clean air and water– we all want clean air and water, but they're typically forgotten about– Most homeowners may not know where they are or they're just not seen, So we don't change them frequently enough So I've never changed the water filter before but I just watched a quick tutorial online and I was able to do it in like under 30 seconds In my refrigerator I just opened the top and then I take out the old one, put in the new one, and voila it was done

For her refrigerator filter, Taste, she wanted better tasting water it's called Taste Erin, girls come on it's ready So after I change the filter we mixed up a new batch and what do you know, it did the trick Mhm that’s so good, here try Oh my gosh now we can charge even more

Even if your water still tastes good and you don't feel like it's time to change that refrigerator filter, the carbon inside that filter might be saturated for other chemicals and it might be letting those through your water so you want to change that with a fresh clean filter My family's health is very important to me and my youngest daughter has allergies so when I was shopping online for the water filters, I noticed that they had air filters too and they had one that was called, Allergies so that's a no-brainer I went ahead and got that as well when I took out the old filter it was really dirty, definitely gross and I was very happy that I was able to put in the fresh clean filter Six filters arrived in the box so now we’re covered for about a year and a half So as soon as she signed up we give her a reminder every three months she's in a program that she'll be reminded to change her air filters

Every six months she's gonna be reminded to change her refrigerator filters, not only is she gonna have cleaner air and water but she's also gonna have an HVAC system that's not gonna have to work as hard because it's gonna have a new filter and her refrigerators not gonna have to work as hard to push clean water through For more information go to designing spaces dot TV or discount filters dot com– order now and use coupon code design 20 and save on your next order Introducing Popohver– the fast, easy way to turn a household chair virtually anywhere, into a world of imagination and play [Music] [music] Jeannie and Kenny are first-time homeowners who have been renovating their backyard– They have laid the pavers, the sod, and are now ready to add the finishing touches just in time to entertain their friends and family this weekend So they're off to Orchard Supply Hardware to create their dream backyard

I'm glad we're going to look at Orchard because I've been looking at the catalog, it's got some good stuff Gazebo Fire pit Oh they had some in the catalog that I liked a lot Table for sure we want to look at

Barbecue for you Yeah They're super friendly there so we'll look, we'll see cuz they've got, they've got tons of options Orchard Supply Hardware is part of your neighborhood and your community They offer an amazing supply of everything you need to enjoy your home plus unique services you won't find anywhere else, like rescreening and key cutting, tool and knife sharpening, not to mention a lawn mower repair

Good morning, welcome to Orchard hardware Supply– my name is Victor Hi I'm Jeannie, this is Kenny Nice to meet you Jeannie What brings you in today? So we're redoing our backyard I think now we just need to like accessorize it out– I want to look at patio furniture Well you came to the right place

We’ve got some stuff for you over here Alright thanks This is our wicker and sunbrella cushions All right Sunbrella are also very good in the weather it won't fade, it won't mildew

I mean I like kind of the jungle idea Let me show you some more This is your Acadia wood I kind of was thinking jungle Let me show you our Delray

Oh that’s the look I like, I’m liking that So our Delray is something very different, it's aluminum that's a hand-painted to look that the rustic kind of wood look– how about the gazebo? Well yes It feels perfect These are the cafe lights, the outdoor lights, we sell all different of lights I think right, don't you like the cafe lights

Also is there any type of lounge chair because I do like to sit back there I like this! It's on wheels so it makes it easy to transport wherever you want This is all the rest of the Delray right? Have a seat Okay well I think I really like this With the rocker

It's a rocker I'm pretty sure I have to have these We could take these home right now– I love these cushions, the jungle I think it's coming together [Music] All right so now what's your most favorite thing you want to do

The barbecue Did you guys have a particular type of grill you were looking for? We carry Weber's, Char-broil's, Triggers– I kind of like this one right here That's actually our Weber Genesis 2e310 so it's a three burner grill This is really cool, what's this? That's a salt plate, so you can actually use that for cooking and for serving There's also an assortment of accessories, rub sauces if you guys wanted to take a look at that

Well thanks Phillip I think maybe this is the one Sounds great we’ll get you taken care of with the delivery Alright thank you You're welcome Okay so it's coming along pretty nicely I think, but I could probably use a little bit of greenery

Okay, so we can go towards our nursery to get some garden decor for you Okay And we can't forget to get the solar lights too Look you know cute these are! Maybe your mom could use a little bistro table? I want to see the nursery Not a problem let me get you with Olivia, she’s our nursery expert down here

This is Jeannie I'm gonna get you guys a nursery cart in the meantime Okay great The best thing about all the colors and different flowers is that you can choose whichever one, you can make your own varieties and then at the potting bench you can choose whatever kind of pot you like, you can choose whatever variety of plants you like and we’ll pot them for you So you'll do that for us? Yes I’ll take that off your hands and I will make a nice arrangement for you and then all you have to do is pick a spot at your house and that'll be it’s permanent home and we'll take care of the dirty stuff

Hi there, how are you? Hi I’m Jeannie I'm MaryKay Hi nice to see, you how can I help you? Okay so it's going really well, I didn't think Kenny would be on board with everything but I loved all the flowers and I really like all this stuff so so far so good Oh it's looking good too Oh I love it! I do! Okay great

All right so now that we got all this stuff I'm gonna go set it up for this weekend's parties Lay everything out It was great we found everything we needed and probably more Awesome thank you for shopping at Orchard Supply Hardware Thank you, bye

I hope it doesn't rain this weekend [Music] So the delivery truck is here which is very exciting we've got a lot of great things picked out from Orchard so we're gonna get the backyard going, we have to do a little bit of setup but I think it's gonna be amazing tonight for the party so I say let's go! We love entertaining family and friends I think everyone had a great time tonight I think the best is yet to come and Orchard Supply Hardware made it fun and easy and really the best is yet to come For more information on anything you've seen on today's show or to learn how you can be part of the show go to our website designing spaces dot TV You can visit these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces– Making a space you can call Home, Living the lifestyle you desire, it's what we're all about We are Designing Spaces [Music]

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