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Race of toy cars in the open air – what Can be steeper ?! Hello! You channel Helen life, and we're playing today with Lena and Artem in the race cars and beetles! We have beetles and cars on solar batteries, Here's the track We took such monsters with us – show me, Artemka – which will frighten our beetles

Lenochka now prints monsters and other Gormiti-toys, so that the problem for beetles was not simple, but with obstacles So, I'll show you our route now Start here, and the finish between these two columns already in the very end And you can win sweets – whatever you want! This is such a win-win race of toy cars So, Lena and Artem arranged the monsters to block them way and frightened our cars and our beetles

You just need to choose who than what goes Artemka chose a typewriter, and Lenochka chose a typewriter We put them near the beetles We have a solar-powered car, now will sun, and we start! Left machine of Lenin, right – Artemki Who will come first? Go! Artemkin's machine crashed into a monster

The monster frightened her! What will be next? Lenochkin's machine is asleep – we must wake her Machine, wake up! Maybe we'll scare her with a bug? She is frightened by these beetles Meanwhile, Artemkin's machine will start We also have beetles on solar batteries Funny things

But why is sleeping Lenin's machine? It is necessary to wipe the photocell Now the sun will warm, and Lenin will start the machine Come on! We must overtake Artemka! It is necessary to quickly repair the machine Dad repaired the machine, she catches up with Artemkin! We crashed into a monster! We go further! They cut into the second monster The machine of our Helen is ahead! Victory! Lena can choose sweets for herself

Hooray! Lena won! Now she chooses a packet of sweets, and Artemka – herself We put the candy on and play next But no, Artemka chose another pack of sweets Nothing, he's small, he can Wow! Another pack! Well, that's enough

The rest of the candy we put back, we play on Second phase Artemka chooses a typewriter He likes the car on the right Lenochka has a car on her left

Reade set Go! Although no, we still need to repair and refuel with gasoline cars All checked Now it is clear – cars on solar batteries can not even touch your finger Again, put the machines and start Reade set Go! Dad made a shadow and cars until they go

Dad took his hand and pulled ahead Lenochkina machine But she stopped because her father accidentally made a shadow on the table Well, what is this ?! Why does not the car go? Here Lenochkina the machine rushes forward

Has arrived! Lena chooses sweets for herself and Artemka Stage number three We'll arrange the race Artemka chooses the left typewriter We remove the shadow – MARCH! We change the rubber

The tire climbed down She should be sent to the SRT The machine is repaired! Artemke also change the tire Now the sun comes out, and we will again arrange a race Crazy race, cars on solar batteries – all right! And then the machines scare the beetles

Lenin started the machine Bach! The machine has filled up the monster Hooray! And the beetle jumped Final stage Do you know what monsters do when they are afraid? They're hiding! And then he was like that, and he got out

And another monster wears glasses and frightens cars And when he is afraid of machines, it is also – again and hid Here is a monster But another monster was frightened and hid And when the monster wants to scare, he does so – and legs have appeared

One monster Artemke, the other – Lenochka Well, we are waiting for the sun Who will win the last race? At the Artyom machine starts, Lenochkina while asleep Maybe catch up with her sunshine fan? And where is Artem? Is he somewhere at the finish line? The sun comes out, we start Reade set Go! The right machine Artemki, left – Lenochka

BUT, it seems, these machines have to be played in the Sahara desert, where there is always the sun Lenochkina machine pulled ahead, she is not afraid of zombies Hooray! Lena won And now for now, bye-bye! Subscribe to our channel! Put it, we are waiting for comments!

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