Why Are We Off Grid? Our Reasons For Off-Grid Living

Some people want to know: "Why do you want to be self-sufficient? What is the reason for doing this? " This video and probably a few below I think we will make a series and tell about all the choices we have made to live without facilities And the thoughts behind it

Maybe we give you more insight why we are concerned with this insanity So what are the reasons for people to live without amenities and to opt for a self-sufficient lifestyle I think money is one People have the impression that self-sufficient living is more economical due to no gas and electricity bill and no account for water and sewerage There is a core of truth

I think many people who have self-sufficient life see themselves as 'prepper', like us People who want to be prepared in case of facilities are no longer accessible because they no longer work Many people want to live closer to nature Back to the country Maybe more loose from the hectic society

A self-sufficient life gives them that possibility to do that Many people are self-sufficient because, they have no choice They have no connection to facilities such as electricity, potable water and sewerage Or the distance to the electricity grid is so far away that it costs a fortune to get a connection So they choose to be self-sufficient

Probably the most important reason, also an important one for us, is the freedom and independence of all external influences For everyone who is new to our channel We have just moved to a location without facilities from our mini farm in the suburb We bought over 8 hectares in the low mountains of the Appalachians We have mountains, mountain ranges and rivers, sources and forest and live without provisions was not our intention at first

Our first intention was to start a farm with facilities and where we could also be self-sufficient as a back-up But what we found when we were looking for a new place where we are now and it was already decorated as a self-sufficient place There is a hunting camp, a mobile home from 1960 that has been rebuilt and that works fine for us and it has the 5 solar panels you just saw The battery storage down the hill I've been trying to improve for a while There is a source

We have a source as water supply There is a septic tank and more of that sort of thing, but it is complete without facilities, with the exception of the internet So yes, that was not our intention at first, but this has become it and so far it goes fine So what are our reasons for being self-sufficient I would say; freedom and independence are the main reasons

We are in the very first place 'preppers' I would say Being self-sufficient is actually our pension plan We would like to be independent and independent of resources for supplies and things like that That never works 100%, I think so, but we do what we can You know when we're 80 we want this place to be completely self-sufficient and runs like a sun

That is our goal and what our trip revolves around and if you follow this channel you see how we are going to do that Everything that goes well and what is not So, here I am at the power supply What is our advantage to be self-sufficient? well, one thing It is hard to explain to someone who does not know it, but we have done almost everything what we wanted to do and honestly we were bored and we thought what could be our next challenge

Well, let's build a self-sufficient farm and that includes taking the time to find out how all these systems work They were completely new to us I learn about everything how I work with, creating a solar surface an inexhaustible energy system with battery storage and a monitoring system and an inverter and we're going to add wind and we have a generator Everything works It is small, but I've learned so much in the last 3 to 4 months I feel inspired again

So something that we have learned and what we have won by being self-sufficient that we are much more economical with water, electricity and other resources As an example In our old house where everything was electric we used about 60 kWh per day of electricity Electricity is not that expensive in many places it is about 10 cents per kWh that is about 6 6 dollars a day, I guess But eh

But still, 6 dollars a day is 180 up to $ 220 per month that we used depending on the season That is 2000-2200 Dollars a year So, here we make maybe 12 kWh per day and we use it about 1 kWh We provide our fridge / freezer with electricity it attracts the most and our water pump

These are the 2 things that consume the most electricity That is really a very, very big difference From 60 kWh to 1 kWh Eh And as for the water, we have

If you've watched our movies about our frozen water pipe where we suffered last winter Then we learned a lot on the conservation and use of water

We may be using now a tenth of what we first used So a big part of what we do by being self-sufficient have learned to be more conserved The other advantage is no accounts not for water, sewage or waste We do not get that anymore So the big question is: "Do you stay away from all networks?" Frankly, we have not made that decision yet

Many people have posted comments in our videos where they see the power cable "You are not self-sufficient" We are really self-sufficient But it's not necessary The current runs there

We put a transformer in between and pull a cable if we want But I think that if we choose to be connected to the network it is to use it as a back-up for our self-sufficient system Not the other way around, like most do Because our independence is our first priority As I told you at the beginning

This is the first of a five-part series that we are going to make Those answers give questions about self-sufficiency Now we're doing it for about 5 months and we know a bit more The next one is about whether it is cheaper to be on the network or not Then there will or will not be a video about the internet network

Then a video about investing your money in a way to be debt-free so that you can remain self-sufficient Then we tell you how we found our place and everything that was needed to buy it We make an announcement about the sequel of this series and what is coming So, stay tuned Thank you for watching

Thank you Brandi!

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