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Can you believe that Fixies are Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified It’s hard to see their features They’re tiny, infinitesimal, So small it makes you doubt

But if you meet a Fixie, please, Don’t let their secret out! The Solar Battery Let's see Three times six hundreds and forty eight He won't get it himself

Nope Well, I bet he will Tom Thomas is so smart! Yeah, smart but lazy I'll bet you a flick in the head Then get ready! Huh? We promised

We can't bother him during homework time! I really wish I didn't have to write this out! Why write everything on paper when you got a calculator! I knew he'd say that! Without a calculator he can't get it! – It seems like the batteries are dead – Did you see that? The calculator won't turn on so he's gonna have to solve it by himself! What's the problem? Come on! Where are the batteries here? Simka! Nolik! Just come out already! I can hear that you’re here Hi, Tom Thomas! Well, you can't figure out where the batteries need to go? I don't get what so funny Because there are no batteries inside of this thing! What do you mean no? Then where is the calculator, you know, get a Where does it get electricity? Uh-huh There is a solar battery in there The sun turns it on? A long time ago it was discovered by scientists that some materials produce electricity when light hits them Sheets that are made out of these materials are called photoelectric cells

By connecting a few of these photoelectric cells together, you can build a solar battery! A solar battery in a calculator sits behind a small clear window And when light hits the solar battery it produces the electricity that powers the calculator I don’t see a little window anywhere on here That's because you covered up the window with a sticker for some reason! The reason is that it looks great! Good job! It looks really great but it can't work now Well, farewell sticker

I can't get it off! Then just leave it alone Go ahead and solve the problems without the calculator! And then I’ll be the one flicking you Flicking who? Did you forget? We’re the fixies! And we have to fix everything! Ah, Simka! That's a sneaky plan! It's not sneaky at all! You better find something to tear off this sticker with! Okay How about them? It will take forever doing it this way Yeah

I got an idea! Let's use this paperclip! And what’s next? I'll just stick the end to the paperclip, and then wrap it around Tideesh! With the help of solar batteries we can produce electricity without burning any oil or coal Unfortunately these batteries aren't very powerful A calculator can get enough energy from a small little battery But in order to power a whole city with solar energy you need to have power plants with huge fields full of solar batteries

And of course it's best to build these plants where the sun shines bright and long, like out in the desert By the way, in outer space the sun shines very brightly and it's never blocked by clouds That’s why all of the vehicles and satellites in space use solar energy for power, including the International Space Station where astronauts from different countries work together Tom Thomas! What, you guys all done? Uh-huh Now you can go solve your problems on the calculator

But I already solved them on paper before you peeled off the sticker Hurrah! I'm the winner! Ouch! That's totally unfair! If it wasn't for the sticker you would have lost! What's going on? Nothing, never mind That's nothing to you?! Well done, Tom Thomas! You got them all right! Now it's working Look, a picture of our Nolik! Where? Right there, on the calculator! Oh, I got it Zero means null, Nolik

Good one! I almost caught one yesterday, I chased him but he fled But if I told my dad he’d say, “It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them, Or find their whereabouts But if you meet a Fixie, please, Don’t let their secret out! The Crowbar Everything's fine here too I wish something would break for a change! It’s already been a week and nothing's broken in here Stop worrying! Everything breaks at some point

Well, nothing seems to ever break inside of this house That's because we take such good care of it No, Masiya, it’s boring with no real work to do We should move somewhere else When Fixies graduate from school, they must choose the place where they want to work

Some will work at factories, some on ships, some in theaters, and some in hospitals too Fixies are needed everywhere Now, Fixie families with children like to choose places that are a bit quieter Usually they'll settle inside of people’s houses It’s not too noisy there, like in a factory, but there's still plenty of work to do

They need to check on appliances like computers, vacuum cleaners, telephones, irons and washing machines And Fxies always try their best! They just love being busy with work And so if there's nothing broken in the house, Fixie families will move to a new place where there's much more work to be done Nolik, did you hear that?! I don’t want to move anywhere! But think about the kids, dear They've got their school and friends here

Do you like this friend of theirs? A human kid playing with Fixie kids You know as well as I that it's just not right Alright then If nothing's broken down before the end of the day, that's all, we've got to move Oh, no! I can't! Tom Thomas comes home the day after tomorrow, and we'd be gone by then

Pull yourself together And I won't see him anymore at all? Nolik, I have an idea! What idea? If something happens to break down before the end of the day, then we're not moving! But what if nothing breaks? Calm down! We're gonna make sure of it Simka, you’re a genius! But how are we going to make sure of it? We're going to use a crowbar! A crowbar is powerful and simple It’s nothing more than a heavy metal bar with either sharp or flat ends It can be very helpful for breaking through concrete or ice

It can also be used as a lever to root out a tree stump or move a boulder If one end of a bar has a claw cut into it, then it’s good for pulling out nails Yes, sometimes the simplest tools are the most powerful ones Do we have that tool? We've got our pack-o-mat and it's got everything! Yay! In gadgets and devices Our work will never end, Appliances are fickle, They need a loyal friend At morning, noon, and midnight Of every single day When there is an emergency You know we’re on our way! One, two, three – Tideesh! Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! To fix what’s wrong – Tideesh! Till it runs strong! One, two, three – Tideesh! Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! All day and night – Tideesh! We fix things right! How about you let me try? Go on

Nolik! What are you thinking?! I'm doing like you were doing – No you're not – Now I'm confused First off, whatever you break's got to look like it broke all by itself Oh, I got you

And second, you've got to break it in some way that it can be fixed later Did someone say something needs fixing? Or am I hearing things? Papus! We just found out that the ah television's broken down Are you sure? Yeah! And one of the keys on the keyboard is stuck For real?! For real! And the clock's not running either! Oh woah!!!! Masiya, our life is getting back on the right track! Should we fix them? Yeah, what else?! We are the Fixies! We live to keep on working, And work for us is fun So we’ll just keep on working Cause our work’s never done And deep inside of gadgets If you look when it’s dark You might just see us race around Like multi-colored sparks

One, two, three – Tideesh! Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! To fix what’s wrong – Tideesh! Till it runs strong! One, two, three – Tideesh! Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! All day and night – Tideesh! We fix things right! Tideesh! Oh, that was a lot to do! You'd almost think that somebody broke it on purpose – Well we didn't do it – It broke by itself Yeah, this apartment still needs a lot of work! We shouldn't move anywhere I like it here! – So do I! – It's the best! See? We don't need to go anywhere!

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